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Following the success of the last two years we as organisers have decided to host the Helperby Beer Festival again this year. After receiving a huge amount of positive feedback we feel the village and wider community see value in our event.

We are looking to build on the fund raising efforts from previous years with the main goal still focused on providing a suitable playground/ community space for the village of Brafferton and Helperby.

We are formulating plans and investing our time with various groups within the parish to explore the possible location and feasibility of realising our goal.

Whilst these efforts go on in the background we continue to use the Helperby Beer Festival as our main source of fundraising. As part of that fundraising we are asking businesses and individuals to become associated, entwined, linked or integral to the day. The way we do this is by asking for sponsorship for a number of key visual elements on the day.

All the sponsorship elements are available to view on our website on the following link.  http://www.helperbybeerfestival.co.uk/sponsorship/

These sponsorship options are not exhaustive and range in size and scale and if you have a request for something else then we are certainly willing to push the boundaries for the right idea.

The Helperby Beer Festival is an extremely well run and attended event and something that any business or individual can be confident in sponsoring, safe in the knowledge that it will reflect greatly on those who have supported it.

If you are interested in sponsoring our event or would like to hear testimonial’s or speak to one of our organisers for more information, then please get in touch via any of the contact details below or via the website.

Key Event Facts;

Fundraising cause – Raise money for Playground/ Community space within the village.

Date – 16th September 2017

Time – 12pm – 12am

Location – Helperby Village Hall

Estimated footfall to the event – 600 – 700 people.

Estimated reach via advertising and social channels – 20,000

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